Coordinates: 47.116869 , 29.46207

Since the beginning, Earth 2 has shown us that a new world is finally possible: cities have sprung up in unthinkable places where nothing exists on Earth, and those cities have expanded to become true megacities, their infrastructures have developed, marvelous works have risen to bear witness to the eternal memory of the prowess and ingenuity of their respective architects.


But now the time has finally come to go further, to create something never seen before on E2, to organize a society that includes the active participation of its citizens.


We have decided to found Luminosa, a place where people can feel like real citizens and not just simple landowners. Where everyone can contribute with their ideas and proposals to the decisions that affect the entire community, where everyone can express their preferences by voting.


From the architectural point of view, the priority objective will not be the extension, but the brightness. To achieve this, we invite everyone to buy plots of exactly 2x2 tiles. In this way a myriad of sparkling dots will appear on the heat-map in the center of our squares, making our city unique and beautiful.


Luminosa will maintain the registry of its citizens. Each owner of 2x2 plots, in any number, but only 2x2, will be counted, will acquire citizenship, and with it, the right to vote. Only one exception will be allowed for road builders (properties exactly one tile wide). Any other type of purchase will result in the forfeiture of the status of citizen, and the loss of any attached rights.


The foundation of the city consists of 340 properties of 2x2 tiles, divided into 4 districts. From here Luminosa will start and expand. These properties will be initially maintained by the founding fathers but will be assigned over time, through a public auction, to the most deserving citizens who wish to actively participate in future projects that affect the city.


The founding fathers: Ab3, Alex_AGV, Earth_2_Italia, FloatingPoint, Kino


Luminosa Basic Rule

In Luminosa, there is only one rule: the purchase of properties composed of 2x2 tiles. You can buy any number of properties, even those bordering each other, as long as each one is 2x2 tiles.

All users with properties of different sizes will not be considered citizens and will not be entitled to participate in community activities.

The only exception is the roads that cross the properties, which must be a single tile wide and any number of tiles long.